Regional project on access to services (Middle East)

Access to Social Services for Persons with Disabilities in the Middle East

Implementing organisations

Implemented by Handicap International


Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestinian territories, Syria and Yemen

Overview of the project

The DMI-ME (Disability Monitor Initiative in the Middle East) program is about sharing knowledge of good practices as an advocacy tool to influence policy change from the grassroots level up.

The report informs on theory and practice related to social services in the Middle East, enabling activists and interested stakeholders to combine this information to influence policy change for persons with disabilities.

Do not hesitate to contact us for a fully accessible version of the documents.

Project updates

Four National Workshops were conducted to disseminate the information collected in the report: in Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine and Egypt.  The report was presented at a side event for the second session of the Conference of States Parties to the UNCRPD. Segments of the reports were translated into training material for DPOs in the region through the Musawa Project.