Project on inclusive agricultural trainings (Cambodia)

Good practices in inclusive agriculural skill training for persons with disabilities

Implementing organisations

Implemented in partnership with the Cambodian Disabled People’s Organization disability, development NGOs, human rights organizations and other relevant organizations in education and employment.



Overview of the project

The objective of this project was to document good practices in agricultural skill training for persons with disabilities to promote inclusive agricultural skill training for them.

Do not hesitate to contact us for a fully accessible version of the documents.

Project updates

The findings of the report are presently the focus of multiple sessions of CDPOs weekly radio broadcast and they are also included in CDPOs quarterly member newsletter. The most significant change has been the cultural shift within the Disabled People’s Organization and the realization of the need for an evidence-based strategy.  In addition, the DPO has realized its role in facilitating multi-stakeholder approaches. There will be one Making It Work initiative developed every year on a different topic.