Project on inclusive educationand employment (Burundi)

Good practices for the inclusion of people with disabilities in schools and at work

Implementing organisations

Implemented in partnership with the Burundi Union of Persons with Disabilities, the Burundi Network of Centers for Persons with Disabilities, the Burundi Network of Disabled People Organizations, Handicap International, Teachers and school administrators, state agencies and private structures.



Overview of the project

This is a multi-stakeholder initiative, where people with disabilities and their representative organizations worked together to identify, collect and analyze the good practices on inclusive education and inclusive employment.

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Project updates

The report was distributed to all participative organizations, to the Ministry of National Solidarity, Human Rights and Gender, the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education, local authorities, through a radio show and through a forum on inclusive education.  The Coordination Committee identified 7 individuals to act as disability rights Ambassadors. The 7 Ambassadors have a strong understanding of the CRPD and are willing to truly engage in defending the rights of persons with disabilities as well as to talk publicly with media, civil society organizations and local authorities at important events.   Local authorities involved in the process changed their attitudes towards persons with disabilities. 

Disabled people’s organizations have a better access to administrative authorities.  The different actors involved in the MIW initiative are now working as a network.  Some good practices have already been replicated.  For example, some adjustments have been made to several schools and public buildings to make them more accessible