Project on legal capacity of persons with intellectual and psychosocial disabilities (Colombia)

Recognition of the legal capacity of persons with intellectual and psychosocial disability through the documentation of good practices

Implementing organisations

Implemented in partnership with Asdown Colombia, Fundamental Colombia legal faculties, civil society organizations, lawyers the Ministry of Social Welfare and the National Council on Disability



Overview of the project

As part of a multi-stakeholder initiative the 2 DPOs worked to collect good practices and develop recommendations to the 1306 law, based on the principles outlined in Article 12 of the CDPD on legal capacity.

Do not hesitate to contact us for a fully accessible version of the documents.

Project updates

The Making It Work initiative brought more visibility on intellectual and psychosocial disability.  A great collaboration has been developed with Andes Law University, which allowed the 2 DPOs to speak out at national level.  The initiative led to a better understanding of the CRPD for families trough practical examples of good practices.  A new initiative has been started on article 12 with Open Society Foundation.